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Welcome to Wholistic Nutrition!

Nourishing the mind, body, and soul with wholesome nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Our health is more than just the food we eat and the movement we engage in. Wholistic Nutrition is focused on the whole you! It's about looking at your whole story, including how you are managing stress, sleeping, supporting your detoxification pathways and the relationships you have. As an Integrative and Holistic Dietitian, we will work together to create goals to support your specific wellness journey. Whether that is to get to the root cause of your symptoms, or help you live your most vibrant life. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan tailored just for you. 


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Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: Welcome

 About Me

 Board Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition 


As a Holistic Registered and Licensed Dietitian, I aim to create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. For over the last decade its been my mission to empower my clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles, and start living happier, healthier, lifestyle. Functional nutrition is all about looking at root causes to dis-ease and using food as medicine to heal the body.
I was drawn to integrative and functional medicine when my son was diagnosed with food allergies and terrible eczema. His eczema completely resolved once we worked on healing his gut microbiome. Following the birth of my daughter, I became really sick but all my traditional western labs were "normal" and I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. My traditional medical doctors prescribed medications that made my symptoms worse, and I knew deep down there was something more going on. Functional medicine and nutrition changed my life! I was finally able to get the root cause of my symptoms and find a wholistic way to heal my body. I've experienced firsthand how powerful functional nutrition is and I am on a mission to help others get back their vibrant health.

Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: About Me
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Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: About

My Services

What I Provide

Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you are experiencing GI issues with constipation and diarrhea, weight gain, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and irregular periods, infertility, food sensitivities, migraines, anxiety or depression and brain fog, I am confident that we can find a better way to manage your challenges in order to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. We will work together to uncover what is driving your body to be out of balance and support it back to its optimal wellbeing using food and quality supplements.

Get in Touch
Nutritional Cooking

1:1 virtual or in person nutrition therapy 

Personalized Nutritional Counseling

As a Registered Dietitian, the first lessons I start with are showing my clients how everything we do is connected. Your first visit will be anywhere from 90-120 minutes in length and will include completing a detailed health history. 

*Currently working on becoming an in network provider to accept and bill insurance. HSA /FSA cards are accepted.

Fresh Produce

Grocery Store Tours

At Your Convenience

Are you confused and overwhelmed when it comes to navigating the grocery store aisles? No worries! We will shop the aisles together utilizing your individualized nutrition plan helping to make your next trip to the market much more enjoyable. I will help you learn how to support your overall health with food as well as how to decode food labels.


$120 includes up to 2 hours grocery shopping at a designated grocery store of choice.

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Meal Plan Subscriptions 

A Personal Approach

Struggling with eating for your specific health needs/goals? We will work together to create a tailored weekly meal plan, including help with your next grocery food list. Meal plans can be tailored to help improve digestion, decrease inflammation, support hormone health and for weight loss. Click on the button below to subscribe for meal plans. 

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High Quality Nutritional Supplements 

To support the body and mind

Did you know that supplements are not regulated in the U.S.? We can order supplements on amazon and have no idea what is in it. Are you looking for access to high quality, clean, third party lab tested supplements without having to spend months researching? Look no further! In Functional Nutrition, we aim to support the body back into balance using high quality, nutritious foods. But many times it is not enough and we need to use supplements to help support various organ systems in order to rebalance ourselves. Clean supplements through Full Script is a great way to get started.


Medical Conditions I work with

This is not an exhaustive list

-Cardiovascular disease


-weight loss

-relationship with food

-mindful and intuitive eating 


-breastfeeding support

-pregnancy and postpartum support


-food intolerances/sensitivities

-gas, bloating, reflux, GERD

-diarrhea and constipation





-autoimmune conditions 


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Functional Labs

Personalized Health

This is a great way to dig deeper to find out the true reasons you feel they way you do, and how to finally understand what it will take to improve your overall way of life. Please reach out if you are interested in lab test, and I will be more than happy to discuss. Testing options include DUTCH hormone testing, NutraEval micronutrient testing, Stool testing and IgG food sensitivity testing to name a few.

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Pantry Makeovers

At Your Convenience

Confused by food labels, and interested in cleaning up your pantry and food choices? Let's work together to create a more nourishing pantry to support your longterm health. Can also bundle with a grocery store tour to combine the 2 services. 90-120 minutes for $120

Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: Services
Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: Instagram


Please have a look at my frequently asked questions and their comprehensive answers provided below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always here to help.

Do you accept Insurance?

I currently accept Medical Mutual, Anthem, Cigna, Tricare and Medicare Health Insurance as well as HSA and FSA cards. I can also create a superbill for you to submit to your insurance in the event they accept out of network providers.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

The initial consultation is around 90-120 minutes long. This allows me to take my time to really get to know your and life story to formulate the best wellness plan for you and your body. New client forms will be emailed to you and need to be completed before your first visit. The forms are within my HIPPA compliant secure electronic health record platform and they can be completed electronically.

How can I start working with you?

Click on the contact me tab on the top right corner or feel free to call or email me to get in touch.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

At this time, I am offering group grocery store tours. If you have a friend, neighbor or family member who would like to split the cost of a grocery store tour let me know! As my practice grows, I am hopeful that I can offer more group consultations and workshops.

What payment do you accept?

Cash, check, credit card and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are all acceptable forms of payment.

Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: FAQ

Client Testimonials

I’ve been honored to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

For the longest time, I thought my stomach and digestive problems were something I just had to live with...until I met Alie. She reassured me that I do not have to live in discomfort and empowered me to find out the root cause of my problems. Her passions, attentiveness and knowledge played a major role in my healing. The recommendations and care Alie provided for my gut have been life changing. I now understand that I have the choice and opportunity to feel good. JL

Guided nutrition has been a game changer for me and my 4 daughters! Alie is on the cutting edge, always learning and exploring new opportunities to bring to her clients. Her expertise and passion inspires me to stay on track. Every time we meet I can't wait for her guidance on whatever stage I may be in on my own journey to age gracefully. I highly recommend Alie and I have to say one of my favorite life changing tours, was through Whole Foods learning about produce! TK

Registered Dietitian | Wholistic Nutrition: Testimonials

Contact Information

(419) 722-5016

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